How to import motors ?

Import a motor from another catalog

Import of motors is possible only in a user’s catalog. If you select a Reference catalog, the icon "Import" is disabled.

How to import a motor from another catalog ?
1 Selection of a user’s catalog in which the motors to import will be stored.
2 In this example, the catalog in which motors will be imported is currently empty.
3 Click on the button “IMPORT”.

Clicking on the icon "IMPORT" opens a dialog box, allowing access to the motor catalog.

It allows to visualize, compare, choose, and import another motor topology in the selected catalog.

How to select motors to import?
1 Visualization of reference catalog i.e. the catalogs of motor topologies provided with the software . Select them to view their contents and choose motors among them.
2 Visualization of user catalogs. The default user catalog is “UserSynchronous”.
3 Area where the selected motor is displayed (static picture).
4 General data of the selected motor.
5 Performance of the selected motor (available when the datasheet test has been performed.

See Motor Factory user guide (TEST environment).

6 Button to visualize the list of documents attached to the motor. See additional information.
7 Button to display thumbnails as a slide show.
8 Button to display thumbnails as a list.
9 Button to display thumbnails as a matrix view of pictures.
10 Area to visualize all the topologies of motors from the selected catalog.
11 Button to close the dialog box and cancel import of motors.
12 Button to choose and import the selected motors.