About protection and installation

About licensing

The licensing system is now called Altair Units (AUs), since 2020 version.

  • For Flux 2D:

    Flux 2D = 15 AUs

    As previously, this gives access to all the Flux 2D features (Graphical User Interface and Solver).

  • For Flux 3D/Skew/PEEC:
    As previously, there is a distinction between Graphical User Interface and Solver:
    • For GUI = description of geometry + mesh + physics + post processing of results:

      As previously:

      Flux 3D/Skew/PEEC GUI = 21 AUs

    • For Solver = project solving process:

      There is a new Solver Licensing scheme for 2020 Solvers.

      The solvers are licensed in two ways:
      • In-App Licensing (Solver launched from the GUI)

        Example 1: 1 job with 1-4 cores: Flux 3D/Skew/PEEC Solver = 30 AUs

        Example 2: 1 job with 5-8 cores: Flux 3D/Skew/PEEC Solver = 35 AUs

      • HPC Licensing

        Example 1: 1 job with 4 cores: Flux 3D/Skew/PEEC Solver = 30 AUs

        Example 2: 1 job with 6 cores: Flux 3D/Skew/PEEC Solver = 33.2 AUs

        Example 3: 1 job with 8 cores: Flux 3D/Skew/PEEC Solver = 36.4 AUs

Graphics cards

It is necessary for the proper functioning of our software that the driver of the graphics card is as up-to-date as possible. In our experience a "Windows Update" is not sufficient, it is essential to install the latest driver supplied by the manufacturer of the card.

Eg for NVIDIA: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us