Solving process (according to the scenario)

Solving process

The last stage is the problem solving process.

The solving process, which depends on the chosen computation type, has got two stages, as presented in the table below.

PEEC computation (independent of the selected application)

computation of resistances and partial self-inductances (R, L) for each element of the conductor mesh,

computation of partial mutual inductances (M) among all the parallel elements of the conductor mesh

Results independent of the frequency
Supplied conductors Application Conductors impedance Application
solving the electric equations ⇒ value of the electric current in each element reducing the electrical scheme ⇒ value of the equivalent impedance at the level of the impedance probes
Results depend on the frequency Results depend on the frequency

Concept of scenario

The progress of the solving process is set in the software via a scenario. A scenario defines the range of the frequencies for which a Flux PEEC solving process is carried out.

A scenario can be mono-frequency (single frequency) or multi-frequency (several frequencies). In the second case, the range of frequencies to be considered is divided into intervals, whose definition is described in the following blocks.

Concept of interval

An interval of frequencies is a set of values between a lower limit finf and upper limit fsup. Moreover, these values can be identified by mathematical laws.

In Flux PEEC two successive intervals must be contiguous, in the sense that the lower limit of the second interval must coincide with the upper limit of the first interval.

There are different ways to describe a range of frequencies, as presented in the table below.

Mode Parameter of description
Step value Constant step Δf between endpoints [finf, fsup]
Number of steps (lin)

Number of steps for linear variation between endpoints [finf, fsup]

Number of steps (log)

Number of steps for logarithmic variation between endpoints [finf, fsup]

List of values

User-defined list of values between endpoints [finf, fsup]