Definition, type of data storage

Flux project: definition

A Flux project is the data ensemble corresponding to a Flux study.

Storage type

From the storage point of view, a Flux project consists in:

  • a repertory, which includes the project name completed by the suffix “.FLU".
  • a files ensemble, whose names are fixed and whose content is explained in the table below.
File name File content
PROBLEM_FLU.PFL general description of the problem
GEOM_FLU.PFL visualization modes of the geometry
MESH_FLU.PFL nodes of the mesh

Solved files

For a FLUX study, the repertory corresponding to the project contains also a file(s) that contains the result(s).

File name File content




results of a static application


results of a transient or a parameterized application

The index i gives the information about the value of the time step or of the parameter.