IMD Overlay

How to use the 3D Overlay IMD?

To use the 3D Overlay IMD please follow these steps:

Step Action
1 Open a new Flux project and leave the Modeler context

Click on Extensions > Overlay > Load a certified overlay:


Choose the Overlay to load:



General data > IMD Motor

Right click on New:


Once the IMD Overlay is loaded you must:

  • Give the geometric parameters (Iron length, outer radius rotor and stator, slot height, squirrel cage bars length and shape of the short circuit ring…)
  • Choose mesh density and infinite box
  • Choose the stator slot shape, the short circuit ring shape, stator yoke…
  • Choose winding type (concentric and lap)


As output, Flux creates the machine with: short circuit ring, periodicity, symmetry, mesh, winding, mechanical sets and volume regions


The user can modify the geometry, the mesh and the winding.

To do it: Project > Overlay > Run

Right-click on Edit


  • If symmetry is taken into account, we recommend to enter ½ of the actual length of the stator, the rotor and the squirrel cage bars in the Oz direction.
  • If a circuit is needed, once your geometry is created with the winding via the 3D Overlay, 3 non meshed coils and 3 Coilconductor components are created.
    • Create your circuit with 3 new CoilConductor components
    • Manually assign the new CoilConductor components to the non meshed coils
    • Delete the Coilconductor components created by the Overlay