Tools of displaying for curves

Tools of displaying for curves

In the two contexts, there are tools available for displaying curves. These tools are presented in the following table.

Note: For this version, it is not possible to display curves apart from the magnetic property.
Display tools Function
Quantity of the curve

Selection of the quantity to display:

  • B(H)
  • µincremental(H)
  • J(H)

Choice between:

  • The automatic mode
  • The user mode, where Hmin, Hmax are provided by the user
Discretization Number of curve discretization points
Note: The discretization has no influence on spline models curves: the curve is composed by segments linking model's point (spline interpolation in first order)
Standard tools
  • Zoom
  • Cursor in order to display the values (permits to calculate the distance dx and dy between two points)
  • Cursor to move the curve
  • Reset (the three previous parameters recover default state)
External data visualization (Edition context)
  • Choice of displaying external data points or not

Particular case: anisotropic or depending of T

In the case of an anisotropic material or a property depending on the temperature, the material has not only one characteristic curve:

  • Anisotropic material: the curves along the axes x, y and z are simultaneously displayed on the same graphic
  • Material with property depending on the temperature: the curve is displayed at the working temperature globally used in the application (see image below)