Flux object: user guide


Before begin the description of a device, it is possible to appear the following question:

Portions (or parts) of this device can be used for the modeling of others devices?

Basic idea

If the answer is yes, the geometric building of a device can be considered as a structure in lego.

Then, the general principle of construction is as follows:

  • Description of different pieces of the structure in the independent Flux projects (base lego or Flux objects).
  • Construction of the complete device in a new Flux project, by means of already built bricks (Flux objects).


Geometric construction of a motor performed importing stator and rotor parts already build.

Rotor object: rotor geometry

(ROTOR.FLU project)

Stator object: stator geometry

(STATOR.FLU project)

New object:

motor geometry (MOTOR.FLU project)

Main interest: bank of objects

This type of construction presents certain constraints, but also offers the possibility to realize a bank of objects that can be used for different studies.