Environment of Flux Supervisor


To start the Flux Supervisor from the Windows taskbar:

  • point on Start > All programs > Altair (or your installation directory) and click on Flux

The Supervisor Window

The Flux Supervisor window is divided into several zones. The different zones are identified in the figure below and then detailed in following blocks.

Areas of the Supervisor

The different areas of the Flux Supervisor and their functions are presented in the table below.

Zone Function
1: Dimensions

The user selects the module in which he wishes to model his project:

2D, 3D, Skew or PEEC

2: Contexts

The user has the choice between several use contexts of supervisor:

  • New project
  • Open project
  • Open example
  • Python scripts
  • Batch solve
3: Working directory

The user chooses a working directory. The path of this directory is displayed.

It is possible to manage folders and files by clicking on button:

4: Customized area

The content of this area is adapted according to the context of use chosen.

The action button is also customized.

5: How to proceed ?

The process of use of each context is in this zone.

It is possible to hide/display this zone by clicking on

6: Cross functions
The user also has access via the supervisor to cross-functions (functions specific to Flux):

This icon allows to access to:

  • Altair® Flux® Local Documentation
  • Altair® Flux® Online Documentation
  • Altair® Flux® Starting guide
  • Altair® Flux® Discover new features
  • Altair® Flux® Videos
  • Altair® Flux® Forum
  • Download on Altair One® - Marketplace
  • Licensing
  • About Altair® Flux®
8: Altair® FluxMotor® This button allows opening FluxMotor supervisor