Connections: creation


Connections can be created:

  • automatically by Flux PEEC: the software creates only equipotential connections
  • manually by the user: the user selects the type of connection to create and defines the terminals to be connected
  • through the algorithm of automatic connection: it creates only equipotential connections

These three methods are described in the following blocks.

Automatic creation by Flux PEEC

Flux PEEC automatically creates a new equipotential connection or updates an existing equipotential connection in these three cases:

  • when two or more Tube Conductors use a same Tube Point, the corresponding terminals are connected;
  • when two or more faces belonging to different conductors (unidirectional or bidirectional) overlap and have terminals, these terminals are connected;
  • when a component (resistor, inductor, capacitor, voltage or current source, impedance probe) has a graphic description and is placed “by terminal and ratio” or “by terminals”, the corresponding terminals are connected.
Note: In the three cases listed above, all the connections which respond to these criteria and which have not been previously modified by the user are created or updated. This means that:
  • if the user has deleted one or more connections created automatically by Flux PEEC, these same connections are recreated again;
  • if the user wants to delete some connections created automatically by Flux PEEC, he is invited to do this just before launching the solving;
  • the user can “freeze” a connection automatically created by Flux PEEC by changing one attribute of the connection, for example the color or the visibility. In this case, the connection will not be changed by a later launch of the algorithm of automatic connection.

Creation by the user

The creation of a connection is activated by the user via the New command.

He has to choose the type of connection (equipotential or proximity) and the terminals to be connected.

Algorithm of automatic connection

The algorithm of automatic connection makes it possible for the user to recreate all the connections that Flux PEEC had automatically created and that the user has deleted.

This algorithm does affect neither the connections manually created by the user nor the connections automatically created by Flux PEEC and then modified by the user.

The algorithm of automatic connection is activated by the user via the command Automatic creation of connections using the icon