Fixed Defects

Issues Short description of the source problem resolved in this version
Circuit FX-18456 An error message is now displayed in case the user defines components with empty values in the circuit editor. This error message does not allow the user to solve a scenario and appears during a checkPhysics() command is running. A warning is also displayed when the user leaves the circuit editor or runs a checkCircuit() command.
Circuit FX-16552 In Magneto Static and Magneto Static - Integral Method applications, a message regarding the creation of an internal circuit saying : "An electric circuit exists. The active physical application does not take account of it." has been removed. It was displayed in case of a CheckPhysics() command and it was not relevant, yet confusing for the user.

Please note that these developments also solve the ticket FX-19750.

Data Import/Export context FX-19782 In the Import/Export context, while operating an export of forces for Optistruct, the ID number of all the DLOAD cards are now increased automatically in the output file in case of subsequent exports (e.g. simulation of an electrical machine at different speeds). This increment was not performed in previous Flux versions, thus leading to possible interferences between data when read by OptiStruct.
Environment FX-16535 After having configured CDE with a multi node configuration, it was impossible to configure a local configuration because buttons Next and Finish were disabled.

We have fixed this problem.

Environment FX-19040 When starting the FluxSupervisor, the splash screen may take a long time to disappear after the supervisor is displayed. This problem may happens if a license server which is not reachable is set in the ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH environment variable or in the license manager of FluxSupervisor.

In that case we recommend to set the environment variable ALTAIR_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT with a value in seconds. This variable will stop the checking of the license on a not reachable host, if the time limit set by the value is reached.

A value of 3 seconds should be enough to reach any license server, but if it is not enough this value should be increased.

Environment FX-19625 Fixed an issue in the "Solve" dialog: User could no longer choose to save the solved project as "Current project" because the corresponding radio button was not displayed any more.
Environment FX-19715 Fixed an issue in the display of 3D curves that was happening on some machines, especially on compute nodes with specific graphic cards/driver: the application was freezing or crashing when user was trying to display a 3D curve.
Environment FX-16288 This problem occurs during installation of CSS in 32bits version. CSS is installed successfully in 64bits version, and is working properly on 64bits platforms. With Flux 2021.1 32 bits version are no longer installed so no longer supported.
Environment FX-18828 When starting the FluxSupervisor, the splash screen may take a long time to disappear after the supervisor is displayed.

This problem is due to the license manager which may take some time to check the licenses at startup. We have increased the license manager performances.

Examples FX-18638 The PDF document of the 3D example "Three Phases Transformer Example By Overlay" accessible via the Supervisor did not match this example.

The right PDF document associated with this example has been implemented in Flux 2021.1.

Mesh FX-18839 On this specific project and during the mesh domain, a limitation existed when smoothing the nodes weights by projecting them onto a surface. This unnecessary limitation was now removed.
Parallel Computing FX-15015 In previous versions, if the %TEMP% directory contains too much files (more than 40000), the CSS and CDE services may fail to start.

This problem caused by a third party library which was trying to list the files in %TEMP% in order to clean its own files, and crash because of a lack of memory.

To fix this problem we have configured this library to use its own temporary folder which will contain only its own files.

Physics FX-17172 In previous Flux versions, the Skew module displayed the right evaluated resistance for coil conductor components only during the solving process and in post-processing status. On the other hand, Flux Skew projects in pre-processing status displayed a wrong value, because the number of layers was not correctly handled.

Now the correct value of this evaluated resistance is always displayed whatever the status of the Flux Skew project is (pre-processing, solving, post-processing).

Physics FX-17803 In Flux PEEC module, in some particular configurations, the automatic connection established between a bidirectional and a unidirectional conductor generated a meshing error which prevented the user to solve the project. This is now fixed and the Flux PEEC solving process provides the expected results.

Moreover, an improvement on the Gerber import for ECAD layers has been integrated to make this feature more robust in case of round lines.

Physics FX-18097 A defect leading to wrong distribution of Joule losses while computing these losses with the "Coil conductor region with losses" in 3D AC steady-state magnetic application has been corrected: this defect appeared with coils shaped around a rotating axis.

This fixing also improves the results of the global Joule losses which are now more accurate.

Postprocessing FX-18248 With the previous version of Altair Flux, we could not compute Joule losses in a solid conductor circuit with the magnetic vector potential formulation (A formulation) and we also get bad results for the current in the solid conductor. Now with Altair Flux 2021.1, we can compute the current and Joule losses in a circuit component of type solid conductor with the A formulation.
Postprocessing FX-18892 Since several release the possibility to change the abscissa on a 3D curve in the 2D visualization (mutli curve 2D superimposed) didn't work anymore.

This issue is fixed in Flux 2021.1.

Solving FX-10323 From Altair Flux 2021.1, you will be able to solve a project with N-terminal solid conductors in the circuit and with the magnetic vector potential formulation (or A formulation).
Solving FX-17401 With dynamic memory, one of the "check physics" algorithms (called at the beginning of the solving process) used incorrectly sized dynamic tables, hence the time loss.

This defect has been fixed for Flux release 2021.1 and the time spent on physics verification in dynamic memory is now comparable to that in user memory.