Fixed Defects

Issues Short description of the source problem resolved in this version
Data Import/Export context FX-27574 Some card comments of .fem files generated by Flux Import/Export context, for being used in NVH simulations, wrongly contained the word "static" instead of "dynamic". Even if this had no impact on NVH simulations, it has been fixed for the sake of clarity and accuracy.
Environment FX-26431 Due to some limitations which prevent a normal usage, the Flux 2D application "Steady State AC Electric coupled with Transient Thermal" is temporarily accessible from the GUI menu only if the user has selected the Advanced mode in the supervisor options. This application is and will remain hidden in Standard and in Beta modes until the limitations will not be removed. All the python commands continue to operate correctly.
Legacy Geometry FX-27544 For 3D projects using transformations from a 2D device and containing mechanical sets with sliding surfaces, when running the solving process, the solving process stops with an error. This is due to the existing structured faces (generated by the transformations) at the interface of the two mechanical sets. The errors occurred during the duplication of the mechanical sets and during the re-connection of the nodes on the sliding surface. Fix has been done for Release 2023.
Mesh Import/Export FX-27184 With Flux 2022.3 Release, an error occurred ("CTEGL2 =>type not treated here") when trying to solve a device coming from an import mesh and containing two mechanical sets, one fixed and one in translation. The sliding airgap was not managed for this case.

Now, with Flux 2023, this defect is fixed and the solving is possible.

Modeler FX-25992 In 2022.3 release, the parametric geometric solving of a project built entirely in the modeler was going well. However, once closed, it was impossible to open the solved project because one of the modeler operations to return the device to the state of the solved step did not work properly. One of the bodies in the ACIS database was not recovered correctly. This issue occurred in a particular configuration with assemblies, rotation and translation of bodies in the modeler. And it was all parameterized. This has now been fixed for version 2023.
Parallel Computing FX-27313 In Flux e-Machine Toolbox version 2022.3, deleting a test during the computation of this test was not working if it is using distribution. The test keep on solving, and was not deleted.

It has been fixed in version 2023.

Parallel Computing FX-26452 When the parametric distribution was stopped abnormally, some secondary Flux instances kept running in the background. In this version, the secondary instances are automatically ending as the primary instance is stopped.

Parallel Computing FX-26586 When the parametric distribution was stopped using the STOP button of the solving window, some secondary Flux instances kept running in the background. In this version, the secondary instances are automatically ending when the STOP button is pressed.

Parallel Computing FX-27306 In previous versions, in the case of projects containing coil conductor regions with a detailed description of the winding geometry, solving a Steady State AC Magnetic scenario with parallel distribution was impossible in Flux 2D due to a non-managed error. This issue has been solved in Flux 2023, and now users can take advantage of parallel distribution to obtain significant speedups also in this context of application.

Physics FX-27305 1) With the 3D transient magnetic application when automatic formulations are used, there were wrong values of the magnetic field and magnetic flux density in zones of air or vacuum volume regions or coil conductor volume regions in contact with some magnetic non conducting regions, at the step of the static initialization during postprocessing. Other physical quantities using B and H in their expressions such as force density, nodal force and energy density had also wrong values in the zones where B and H gave wrong values. The magnetic field and magnetic flux density had good values in other regions at the step of the static initialization, and in all regions at the other steps. This issue has been corrected.

2) A test has been added for the "Check Physics" command in 3D magnetic applications, for coil conductor regions in contact with faces of a periodicity. If a face F1 corresponds to a periodical face F2 by the transformation of the periodicity, F1 and F2 cannot be on the border of two different coil conductor regions.

The possible cases are:

- F1 and F2 are on the border of the same coil conductor region,

- F1 is on the border of a coil conductor region and F2 is on the border of another region of a different type,

- F2 is on the border of a coil conductor region and F1 is on the border of another region of a different type.

Physics FX-27069 The resolution of projects using the application "Steady State AC Magnetic coupled with Transient Thermal 3D" could be blocked by a non managed error caused by a combination of three seemingly unrelated factors, namely:

(1) the use of an ACIS geometry, typically originating from import of CAD files;

(2) the existence of face regions defined with local radiation in the project and

(3) a Flux resolution with multiple cores.

This issue has now been solved in Flux 2023.

Physics FX-26467 With a project with a material having an LS B(H) property given by a .mils file ("Magnetic property": "Sheet iron described by LS model" and "Definition": "User defined material"), the solving process stopped with the following error message:

Message: FICOUV => Error detected by operating system ( 29 )

Message: FICOUV => No such file or directory

Message: MR_V_PBH_EQ_NL_ISO_SP => Evaluation aborted

Message: MRVB2H => Evaluation aborted

This issue was due to the .mils file which was not in the directory mentioned in the field "LS model (.mils file)" of the material.

From now on, when creating the material or modifying it, the .mils file mentioned in the field "LS model (.mils file)" is copied in the persistent/mils/ directory of the .FLU project. If the user entered in this field:


this field is changed into:



m330_35a.mils is an example of the .mils file of the user and

$project_name$ is a keyword standing for the .FLU project name with its path, for instance, $project_name$ stands for D:/my_user_name/Project2/Flux_projects/my_project.FLU

In the following of the process, the software looks for the file in the persistent/mils/ directory of the .FLU project.

Physics FX-26762 In Flux, magnet materials, anisotropic materials and spatial materials are not compatible with laminated magnetic non conducting regions. However, until the previous version, the error message that was triggered by Flux when the user tried to assign such materials to that specific kind of region was not clear. This error message has been improved in Flux 2023; it now clearly warns the user about the incompatibility and states that a different type of material must be chosen for the region.
Solving FX-27067 A bug preventing an optimization computation with finite differences when the optimization problem was using responses as constraints has been fixed.
Solving FX-26823 The "delete scenario" command applied to a solved scenario of a Flux project containing "laminated magnetic non-conducting regions" failed in some specific situations; it was required to firstly "delete all results" to be able to delete the scenario. The issue has been fixed and now the "delete scenario" command works as expected.
Solving FX-27710 In Flux 3D projects containing solid conductor regions bounded by a periodicity plane and belonging to a moving mechanical set, the solution of a scenario involving the variation of geometrical parameters could lead to an error under certain circumstances. This issue has been solved in Flux 2023.