Fixed Defects

Issues Short description of the source problem resolved in this version
Co-Simulation FX-25420 When trying to update the values of a spatial quantity of type "spatial quantity for Multiphysics" by importation of a list of element-wise constant values, the following developer error message was displayed:

in the "Message" tab of the error dialog box:

Can not execute the following command:








in the "Advanced" tab: IMPD_FNUM => option case not implemented ...

The command can be executed in the "Multi physic solving session": menu "Parameter/Quantity" → "Import parameter and quantity" →"Update multiphysics spatial quantity by importation", with the import option “Element containing point of the file (element-wise constant value)"

The issue has been corrected.

Data Import/Export context FX-26239 Import/Export context of Flux 2022.2 version wrongly blocked in some specific cases the import of an external (e.g., OptiStruct) mesh file, because of a too restrictive check on node coordinates and mechanical set position. In Flux 2022.3, the error is turned into a simple warning which does not interrupt the mesh import anymore, while also informing the user about possible inconsistencies between the external mesh and the Flux project.

Data Import/Export context FX-25422 In Flux 2D, when a data support with an offset along z-coordinate was imported in the Data Import/Export context to perform a NVH analysis, the resulting export of global forces (RBE3 cards) did not consider properly this z-offset. This issue is now fixed with Flux 2022.3 version and this offset is correctly taken into account.

Data Import/Export context FX-25359 3D Steady-State AC Magnetic simulations coupled with Transient Thermal application provided wrong results for the temperature data collections computed at nodes of an imported support. This issue is now fixed with Flux 2022.3 version: the temperature values at nodes of the support are correctly computed and agree with the values at the elements.
Environment FX-25763 When Flux was started from Flux Supervisor, if the supervisor was closed before Flux then Flux could terminate abruptly during the solving operation.

Now Flux will continue to run and solve properly even if the supervisor has been closed.

Parallel Computing FX-25826 A space in the installation directory or in the project path could lead to a crash of the parametric distribution process. This is now fixed.

Postprocessing FX-24726 In Flux 2D, the evaluation of field space harmonics through a double FFT could lead to different results, depending on the method used to evaluate the radial component of the magnetic flux density in the air gap of a rotating electric machine. This issue has now been solved, and the double FFT of both formulae "B*N" and "Comp(1,VLCS(Coordsys,B))" (in which Coordsys is a cylindrical coordinate system ) yields equivalent results as expected.
Postprocessing FX-21624 A bug has been fixed and now allows to operate an "Export spatial quantity and formula" in Flux 3D for Steady-State AC application. This bug appeared when the volume region had a mesh with some hexahedral elements.
Solving FX-25935 Some meshing issues could appear when doing some free-shape optimization with the re-meshing option. When these issues are occurring, a new optimization is re-run with fewer iterations in order to limit the mesh displacement and avoid any related issues.

Solving FX-25354 With a 3D project with a quarter of a ring-shape solid conductor, static initialization and solving process option "method for the computation of J0" set to "FE method with facet J0 and edge Tj”, the solving process stopped, and the following error message was displayed:

CTEJAU => Edge variable not implemented

The project was solved with the transient magnetic application. When removing the static initialization, the project could be solved.

The issue has been corrected.

Solving FX-25165 When solving a project with a non-meshed coil and only air or vacuum region everywhere with non-default formulation MS3SCRHJ, a harmless error message was displayed:

OCRI04 => Retrieval of INTEGER attribute aborted

PERNCR => Retrieval aborted

The issue revealed by this error message came from the development of the new method to compute the current density in coil conductor regions using an electric conduction solution. This harmless bug has been corrected.