A part is a geometric object made up of any combination of solids, surfaces, and curves. It can also be a mesh.

Parts are denoted in the Model Browser with a small cube icon.

  1. Click a part to select it.
  2. Right-click a part to open the part context menu, which allows you to assign materials and access commonly used functions such as show, hide, copy, and delete.
  • A part can have multiple alternatives or design variations in the Model Browser, although only one alternative for a part can be active at a time.
  • Parts can be grouped into assemblies and subassemblies in the Model Browser, allowing you to organize your model hierarchically.
  • You can convert a part to a mass or a mesh using the Convert to Mass and Convert to Triangle Mesh options in the part context menu.
  • If a part includes several separate bodies, right-click on the part and select Convert Bodies to Parts in the part context menu. This places each body into a separate part in the Model Browser.