DFM Tutorial

PollEx DFM is an optional module of PollEx PCB and a board level manufacturability checking software. You can check possible manufacturing design faults in the early design stage. Checked results of PollEx DFM can be exported to MS/Excel with an intuitive graphic link to layout the design on each fault. As a result, PollEx DFM can help to reduce the development cycle and cost, to increase the productivity, and lower defectiveness.

  1. Launch PollEx PCB.
  2. Open the PollEx PCB layout design file.
    1. From the menu bar, click File > Open.
    2. Navigate to the PollEx_PCB_Sample_r1.0.pdbb file from C:\ProgramData\altair\PollEx\<version>\Examples\PollEx_PCB_Sample_r1.0.pdbb.
      Refer to PCB for how to use the PollEx PCB viewer.
  3. Execute DFM Input.
    1. From the menu bar, click Option > DFM > Input.
    2. Click Load and select the DFM_Input.DFMI file from C:\ProgramData\altair\PollEx\<version>\Examples\Verification\DFM\DFMI.
    3. Click Start Checking to run the verification.
      PollEx DFM checks whether the design data violates the rules.
  4. Check results.
    The test results display on the screen (Pass or Fail).

    Figure 1.
    1. Click Component Spacing.
      You can check detailed information of the no good (fail) items from the lists. When you click the failed item from the list, it displays the highlighted location.
    2. Click HOME to return to the result list.
  5. Export the test result.
    1. From the menu bar, click Export > User Defined Excel Format to export the result to Excel.
    2. Click Load and open the UserDefinedExcelExport.DFME file from C:\ProgramData\altair\PollEx\<version>\Examples\Verification\DFM\DFME.
    3. Click Finish/Excel Export to export the report.

      Figure 2.
      Exported reports are not saved automatically. You need to save and manage them in the designated location.