Symmetry Arrangement of Component

Verifies the position of the component and that the net connected to the pin is designed symmetrically, because this design combines two PCBs with the symmetrically placed components in each design.

Products have a symmetrical structure that combines two PCBs.

The Symmetry Arrangement of Component dialog contains the following sections:
  • Definition: Define the target component and baseline for the symmetry verification.
    • Jumper Component Group: Define the target component group to be symmetrically designed.
    • Layer Selection of Base Line: Define the Layer where the baseline is drawn for symmetry verification.
  • Resistor Component Definition
    • Check Pin’s Symmetry: Check if the pins are symmetrically designed on the left and right.

      Figure 1.
    • Same Net Checking for Symmetry Pins: Check if the connected nets and pins are symmetrically designed.