Cadence - Import from Allegro Design

Import library from existing design file.

From the menu bar, click File > Import > Cadence - Allegro (*.comp).

Figure 1.
  1. Read from binary design file.
    • Select Read From Binary File.
    • Set Allegro Executable Directory to the folder name where extracta.exe exists.
    • Set Allegro Extract Control File to C:\ProgramData\altair\PollEx\<version>\Share\ AllegroExpansion_ExtractCommandFile163.txt.
    • For Allegro Design File, select the Allegro design binary file, *.brd and click Read From BINARY to start reading.
    If the Overwrite Footprint checkbox is enabled, the broken components in the design are overwritten onto part library. If the Allegro’s version used is 16.3 or newer, the More than Version 16.3 checkbox should be enabled.
  2. Read from ASCII design file.
    • Select Read From ASCII File.
    • Select the ASCII design file.
    • Click Read From ASCII.