Zuken Board Designer

Import Zuken Board Designer part library (CDB) ASCII file.

Upon using this utility, you need to extract part library ASCII file from Zuken Board Designer’s binary part library file. *.prf (or *.cdf), *.pkf, *.ftf or *.tcf files are needed to import the part library.

  1. From the menu bar, click File > Import > Zuken – CDB (*.ftf, *.pkf, *.cdf, *.tcf).
    The Zuken BoardDesigner FTF Reader dialog opens.
  2. For FTF File Selection, select the desired .ftf file to read the part library from Zuken Board Designer.
  3. If the part library has user defined hole layers, for User Defined Hole Layers, enter the layer names.
    1. Select the needed parts under User Defined Part List File.
  4. Select landata.rsc and lcdb.cmp file to import the logic symbols of the part.
  5. Click Execute.
    The importing status is displayed at Read LCDB while Constructing CBD to UPF Array.