Crosstalk Analysis Dialog Parameters

Figure 1.
  • Find Coupling: Extract and display the detailed coupling information, for example: coupled length, coupled net numbers, and mostly coupled net to each net.
  • Coupled Length: Shows the total coupled length of each net to other neighboring nets which meet the coupling check criteria displayed at the boxed area.
  • Number of Coupled: Shows the coupled nets number.
  • Most Coupled Net: The net coupling length with selected net is longest.
  • Net Name: Victim net name.
  • Display/Analyze Coupling: For user selected net, shows more detailed coupling information and provides options and menus for crosstalk analysis.
  • Manual Coupling: Analyze the coupling between nets specified by the user. After selecting Victim net, click the manual coupling button to open a dialog for selecting Aggressor net. When performing manual coupling, ignore the coupling parameter and select an aggressor net. Except, since the Min parallel length for coupling (mm) parameter is still considered, the user must input an appropriate value.