Invite a Colleague to Move Faster with Development

With the Access Control feature you can set authorization rules for every piece of your IoT platform. You can manage from general to fine-grained access for users and external applications to create, read, update or delete resources in the platform.

To give permission to the user, you need to create a Role and set up Policies in the Access Control module.

A Role is a group of policies. Roles can be applied to any subject to create flexible and reusable authorization rules.

Policies are the individual permissions which you can assign to Roles, Users, Apps, and Things in the AnythingDB. Ultimately, Policies determine the level of access, which is then given out in the form of an Access Token.

The Root Role is a default role created by the platform. This role can create, read, update and delete any resource of the account.

Before you can invite a colleague, you must first create a role.

Create a New Role

  1. In Access Control > Roles, click New Role.

    The New Role panel appears. The Name field is partially complete.

    Figure 1.
  2. Enter the name of the new role in the Name field and click Save.
  3. Click Add Subjects to select the subjects (user, application or device) to assign to this role.
  4. To add a new subject, click the + button.
  5. Enter the name of the subject to add.
    An ID is generated for the added subject.

    Figure 2.
  6. Some Policies appear by default. You can create more by clicking the Add custom Policy button.

    Figure 3.
    The Add Custom Policy panel appears.

    Figure 4.
  7. Select the configuration desired and click Add policy.
  8. Once the Role has been created, you can edit it. To edit the Policies, select the Role you just created.
  9. Select the configuration desired. In the example below, this Role allows for all options: creating, reading, updating and deleting any resource.

    Figure 5.
  10. Click Save.
    The Role has been successfully created.
    Tip: Use the Revert button to reset any fields if necessary.

Invite a User to the Space

Once the Role and Policy is created, invite a user to the space.

  1. Click Access Control > Users and then click Invite User.
  2. In the New Invitation panel, enter the email address of the user and assign a Role.

    Figure 6.
  3. Click Send Invitation.
    The invited user receives an email notification for the Space invitation.

    The shared space will be added in Your Space. Once the invite user accepts the invitation, they can begin to collaborate.