Create Section Cuts

Create and view 2D section planes of your model.

  1. From the View Controls toolbar, click .
    A transparent section plane preview appears.
  2. Click the section plane preview or elsewhere on the model to create the section cut.
  3. Drag the section plane to reposition it, or use the microdialog options to move, align, or flip the section plane.
    • By default, one side of the model is hidden. Click to hide both sides of the model and show only the section plane.
    • Reverse which side of the model that is hidden by clicking .
    • Translate or rotate the section plane using the Move tool by clicking . After positioning, right-click to exit the Move tool.
    • Align the section plane to the x, y, or z-axis by clicking .
    • Reposition the section plane to the model center by clicking .

    Figure 1.
  4. In the Section Planes dialog, click to create additional section planes.

    Figure 2.
  5. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.
Tip: Use the right-click context menu in the Section Planes dialog to show/hide, delete, and rename section planes.

Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse Controls

To do this Press
Hide a selected section cut H
Add to or remove from a selection Ctrl
Exit the tool Esc or right-click