Input File Commands

This topic describes the input file commands that are supported by hwGenImages.

hwGenImages is a command line utility that is used to generate images and plots from simulation results. The script reads it's input from an ASCII text file that specifies the visualization objects to create, the manner in which they are assembled into images, and the views of the images to capture. The tool then runs AcuFieldView in batch to generate the images and assemble them into a PDF or PowerPoint. hwGenImages runs only on Linux systems. To configure your environment to run hwGenImages, it is necessary to add $INSTALLDIR/altair/scripts directory into your path. Once this is done, you can execute hwGenImages from any terminal prompt as follows:
>hwGenImages -pb Test
The full set of command line options that hwGenImages supports can be viewed by executing:
>hwGenImages -h


Automated post-processing program to report simulation results.