Graphical 2D plot of quantities.


LINE_PLOT(“name”) { parameters}


User-given name


name (string)
User-given name of the command. The instance of a given command is referenced using this parameter.
plot_type (enum)
Types of plots available
Options: direct, cumulative_sum
data_source (enum)
Options: file, ufx_coefficients_file
data_file (string)
Path to location of data source file
background_image (string)
Image to be displayed in the background
background_image_view_number (integer)
View of image to be displayed in the background
num_header_rows (integer)
Number of header rows to ignore before reading in data
output_step (integer)
Data step to use for plot
0 = use last, -1 = second from last, 1 means first, and so on
x_column (integer)
Number of column to plot on the x-axis
y_columns (integer list)
Number of column/columns to plot on the y-axis
x_label (string)
Label for the x-axis
y_label (string)
Label for the y-axis
title (string)
Title for the plot
show_legend (boolean)
Show the legend or not
legend_labels (string list)
Labels for each curve for use in the legend
show_grid (boolean)
Show grid in plot area
active_flag (boolean)
Read and process the command or ignore it
x_axis_min (real)
Minimum range of the x axis
y_axis_min (real)
Minimum range of the y axis
x_axis_max (real)
Maximum range of the x axis
y_axis_max (real)
Maximum range of the y axis


LINE_PLOT("Cumulative Sectional C_d and C_l With Background Image"){
    data_source                = "ufx_coefficients_file"
    data_file                  = "/user2/conceptCar/RUN-1.DIR/uFX_coefficientsData/uFX_coefficientsPerSectionX_Inst.txt"
    plot_type                  = cumulative_sum
    num_header_rows            = 5
    x_column                   = 3
    y_columns                  = {4,5}
    output_step                = 0  # 0 = use last, -1 = second from last, 1 means first, etc.
    x_label                    = "Section Center (m)"
    y_label                    = "Cumulative C_d and C_l"
    title                      = "Cumulative Lift and Drag Coefficients"
    legend_labels              = "C_d,C_l"
    show_legend                = on    
    show_grid                  = on
    background_image           = "Surface geometry"
    background_image_view_number = 2