Defines the type and location of data to use for the report generation.


DATASET{ parameters}


This command has no qualifier.


type (enum)
Type of data being read
Options: fieldview, ufx, acusolve
fieldview_type (enum)
Type of FieldView data being read
Options: fieldview_combined, fieldview_split
combined_file (string)
Path to combined results
Used when fieldview_combined is selected
grid_file (string)
Path to grid file of split FieldView results
Used when fieldview_split is selected
results_file (string)
Path to results file of split FieldView results
Used when fieldview_split is selected
acusolve_log_file (string)
Path to AcuSolve results file (.Log file)
ufx_file (string)
Path to ultraFluidX results data (.layout, .bcf)
mean_velocity (real)
Mean velocity used in the simulation in meters/sec
density (real)
Density specified in simulation [kg/m3]
viscosity (real)
Viscosity specified in simulation [kg/(s*m)]
grid_processing_level (enum)
Setting which controls how much interrogation of the mesh is done at import. The higher the grid processing level, the slower the import time, but the faster the flow visualization techniques (streamlines, point probes, and so on).
Options: less, more, balanced
reference_part (string)
Part used as reference to display more realistic streamline scales
server_name (string)
Server name for client/server configuration
user_name (string)
Username on the server for client/server configuration
server_directory (string)
Directory on server to launch client/server connection from
summary_file (string)
Location of simulation summary/log file
summary_in_report (boolean)
Specifies to include the ultraFluidX summary files in the report
active_flag (boolean)
Read and process the command or ignore it


     type                       = ufx
     ufx_file                   = "../results/uFX_fullData/uFX_output.layout"
     summary_file               = "../results/uFX_summary.txt"
     mean_velocity              = 35
     density                    = 1.2041
     viscosity		        = 1.8194e-5
     grid_processing_level      = more