Runs the Altair Compute Console to submit a job to a specified solver using the specified target file. By default, the job will run synchronously and the function will wait for the process to complete. If Compose is not installed in the same directory with the Altair solvers, the setaltairfolder option must be called before running callaltairbatch.


callaltairbatch (stringSoftware, stringFilepath, ...)

R1 = callaltairbatch (stringSoftware, stringFilepath, ...)

[ R1, R2 ] = callaltairbatch (stringSoftware, stringFilepath, ...)


Software name to be invoked.
Solvers: 'OptiStruct'/'os', 'MotionSolve'/'ms', 'RADIOSS'/'rd', 'AcuSolve'/'as', 'HyperForm'/'hf', 'AltairManufacturingSolver'/'AMS', 'ResinTransferMolding'/'HXR', 'Seam'/'sea' and upper/lower case combinations.
Non-solvers: 'HyperMesh'/'hm', 'HyperGraph'/'hg', 'HyperView'/'hv', 'MotionView'/'mv', 'mdl' (MotionView conversion of model into solver deck), 'MediaView'/'mev', 'TextView'/'tv' and upper/lower case combinations.
Type: char
Dimension: string
File name to be submitted to the above software.
Type: char
Dimension: string
Additional arguments will all be strings appended to the call to launch Altair Compute Console.
Type: char
Dimension: string


The status of the system command to launch Altair Compute Console.
Type: integer
Dimension: scalar
Contains any text output by the software that has been executed.
Type: char
Dimension: string


Call RADIOSS without output arguments:

callaltairbatch('RD', 'RDTest.rad')
(No output when no output arguments are specified.

Call RADIOSS with one output argument:

R1 = callaltairbatch('RD', 'RDTest.rad')
R1 = 0

Call RADIOSS with two output arguments:

[ R1, R2 ] = callaltairbatch('RD', 'RDTest.rad')
R1 = 0
	  R2 = Output from a batch call is returned. Output from a batch call can be quite lengthy and is not included here.

Call HyperMesh with a file session:

callaltairbatch('hm', '')
(No output when no output arguments are specified.

Call HyperView with optional input arguments, such as a TCL script:

callaltairbatch('hv', '-tcl MyHyperViewScript.tcl')
(No output when no output arguments are specified.


callaltairbatch leverages shell commands and as such, it is necessary to use double quotes in parameter values if they contain spaces, otherwise the spaces will be interpreted as new arguments. Other default shell command rules and best practices apply as well.

When a non-solver is called (e.g.: HyperMesh), although the execution of the command is done in batch, non-solvers are GUI-based applications and therefore the result of callaltairbatch invokes the GUI of that specific software that has been called.