Change the Default Units

In Inspire Studio, the default unit of measurement is centimeters. You can also choose from millimeters, meters, inches, and feet.

When you enter a number in a field, the appropriate unit is automatically appended. If you enter a unit after a number, the number is converted to the current unit. For example, entering 10 in inside a field where centimeters are the current units results in 25.4 cm being displayed.
Tip: When unit conversion is required, include the units when entering the value. Use standard unit abbreviations without a space. For example, to enter a value of 1 inch, type 1 in.
  1. On the Help menu, click the Preferences button.
  2. In the Preferences window, click Inspire Studio > Units.
  3. You have the following options:
    Preference Description
    Length Define the units used for length.
    Mass Define the units used for mass.
    Area Define the units used for area.
    Volume Define the units used for volume.
    Density Define the units used for density.
    Moment of Inertia Define the units used for moment of inertia.
    Curvature Define the units used for curvature.
    Save as Defaults Click the Save as Defaults button to save the values entered in the tolerance fields as your standard default settings.
Note: The grid settings update automatically. For example, if Grid #2 spacing has been set to 1 cm, when you switch from centimeters to inches, Grid #2 spacing will automatically update to 1 in.