Select and edit objects using the mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

You can select objects in the modeling window or Model Browser, before or after you activate a tool. The modeling window and the Model Browser are linked, so when an object is selected in one, it is automatically selected in the other.

To Do this Note
Select an object Click the object. You can limit selection to a type of geometry by clicking one of the following icons at the bottom of the application window:
  • Select Curves
  • Select Surfaces
  • Select PolyNURBS
  • Select Pointmeshes
  • Select All
Add to/remove from the selection Hold down Ctrl while clicking the object. When removing an object, click an edge of the object.
Select multiple objects Box select the objects. Drag from right to left to only select objects entirely within the box.
Select a range in a list Hold down Shift while clicking the first object and the last object. You can only do this in the Model Browser.
Deselect an object Hold down Ctrl (Command) while clicking the object.  
Select all objects Press Ctrl (Command) + A.  
Clear the selection Click empty space.