Trim Extend

Trims the extended surface using the holder and rounding the edges to complete flange die creation.

  1. On the ribbon, click the Die Design tab.
  2. Click the Flange Extend icon.

  3. Click the Trim Extend icon.

  4. Select the Holder.
  5. Right-click to confirm.
  6. The extend surface is selected automatically.
    Note: If there are multiple extend surfaces, left click to add or remove. The extend bridge surface is not automatically selected. It must be selected manually.
  7. In the guide bar, select a trim option, and then right-click to confirm.
    • Trim and Edge Fillet
    • Trim and Face Fillet
    • Trim
    The selected flange part, extend surface, and holder are trimmed, then displayed as a blue wireframe.
  8. In the modeling window, hover and click highlighted trim surfaces you would like to Retain.
    The surfaces you select to Retain display in shaded mode as shown below.

    Note: In order to proceed to the next step, make sure you select surfaces with common edges. Anything that is highlighted red indicates that the selected surfaces don't have common edges.
  9. Once you select surfaces with common intersecting edges, the fillet will appear at the intersecting edge location.

  10. Optional: Adjust the fillet:
    Method Description
    To define the same radius for all fillets Click a fillet and enter a Radius.
    To define variable fillets Press Alt and click a blue dot to add a fillet location. Enter a Radius.
  11. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.