E-BOM List Menu

Edit the master BOM.

Figure 1.
  • : Click to display the design project information.

    Figure 2.
  • : Select the sorting criteria.
    • Sort by reference: Sort the BOM list by the reference designator.

      Figure 3.
    • Sort by part number: Sort the BOM list by the part number.

      Figure 4.
  • Display part information comparison by Design version (X.xx).

    Figure 5.
  • : Category for priority sorting to see errors.
    • Changed part (before application): Give priority to the changed part.
    • Lock part Library: Give priority to the locked part.
    • CPN not found: Give priority to the part which doesn’t have a CPN.
    • Different part information compared to UPMS: Give priority to the part which has different properties to the part in UPMS.
    • The part included verification fail: Give priority to the part that failed verification.
  • Click Sorting to sort with the selected condition.
  • : Edit
    • In this menu, you can add, change and delete parts and can add and edit parts which are not included in the design.

    Figure 6.

Part Change

When changing a part, only part with the same footprint is listed in the list.

Part can be changed when the footprint of a new part is the same with the existing part. If the footprint is different, a serious defect occurs when the changed part is placed on the PCB.

Figure 7.

If there are variants, then you can select the variants to reflect.

  • Select variants: Apply to the selected variants.
  • ALL: Apply to all including the master.
  • ONLY MASTER: Apply to the master only.
  • CANCEL: Cancel to change.

Setting Not Used Part on Variant

In this menu, you can set the not used part in the variant BOM.

Figure 8.
Figure 9.
Figure 10.

Add the favorites mechanical part

As adding the favorites mechanical part function, the BOM editing menu ‘Add the favorites mechanical part’ is added like the below image.

Figure 11.

If you click the menu, your favorites list is displayed like the below image.

Figure 12.
The favorites list is displayed according to the selected type.

Figure 13.

If you want to add parts into the BOM, you just input the quantity of the part and click the Add button after checking the part.

Add Mechanical Part

To add a mechanical part to BOM, the part should be registered in the UDE system before adding.

Figure 14.
Click Search to select parts from the parts list to add them.

Figure 15.
When saving, if there is a variant, you need to select which one to reflect.

Figure 16.

Modify Mechanical Part

Modify the mechanical part information. The mechanical part can be modified with its part number and quantity information. The modification function is the same as add mechanical part.

Figure 17.

Delete Mechanical Part

When deleting, select the application type and proceed the same as the part change.

Figure 18.

Alternative Part

Define the alternative parts to a part.

Figure 19.
To add an alternative part, select a part and drag to the right area for adding.

Figure 20.
To delete an alternative part, select a part to be deleted and click Delete.

Figure 21.
Click Applied to apply and finish.
  • : Export to Excel
    • All: Export all list to an excel file.
    • Compare (Derivation):Export the different items only.
  • : Unit price calculation. By using the unit price calculation menu, you can estimate the total cost.

    Figure 22.
    You can export the price list to an excel.

    Figure 23.

Mechanical Part Favorites

UBMS supports additional machine parts through BOM editing. However, if there are too many parts to add, it will take a long time to add. This is the ability to add machine parts that customers often use.

Click Mechanical part favorites.

The left side is the module to manage the favorites, and the right side is the module to register the mechanical part. The favorites feature is dependent on the user account and cannot use other user’s favorites.

In the favorites function, there are two types of Mechanical part and PCB, and the list of parts on the right is displayed according to the selected type. The system default is set to Mechanical part.

At first, there is no favorites item, so you need to create a favorites item first.

Figure 24.
Click Add.

Figure 25.

Enter a new favorites item name and click Save. After the favorites item is created, you can add parts to the favorites by clicking the checkbox of the part list on the right side. To remove parts from the favorites, check the checkbox of the parts in the favorites or uncheck the parts in the right side.

Figure 26.
If you change other favorites, parts to be saved into the selected favorites are displayed on the right-side list.

Figure 27.

If you delete mechanical parts to be saved on the selected favorites on the left-side part list, the part to be as same as the part on the right side is unchecked.