Derivation History

Show the history of derivation.

Select Derivation history to show the part list and the history of derivation.

Figure 1.
  • : Change Sort Criteria
    • Sort by reference: Sort the part list by reference designator.
    • Sort b part number: Sort the part list by part number.
    • Version compare : If a design revision exists through the Design check-in, each version of "CPN, part name (description), value" is compared and displayed.
  • : Category for priority sorting to see errors.
    • Changed part (before application): Give priority to the changed part.
    • Lock part Library: Give priority to the locked part.
    • CPN not found: Give priority to the part which doesn’t have a CPN.
    • Different part information compared to UPMS: Give priority to the part which has different properties to the part in UPMS.
    • The part included verification fail: Give priority to the part that failed verification.
    • Click Sorting to sort with the selected condition.
  • : Export to Excel
    • All: Export all list to an excel file.
    • Compare (Derivation): Export the different items only.