Default Setting

Set default settings of UBMS.

Set the default environment of UBMS

  1. Schematic consistency checking while PCB Check in: Set whether to check parts list consistency between schematic and PCB at PCB check-in.
  2. Schematic footprint consistency checking: This option can select whether to check footprint consistency when revising as schematic and BOM change only.
  3. Net consistency checking: Set whether to check netlist consistency when checking in the schematic when a revision occurs where only the schematic is changed.
  4. Use BOM Template: Set whether to use BOM templates.
  5. Use the PollEx PCB link about the reference of net name: Set whether to use PollEx PCB (*.pdbb) file for the reference of net name.
  6. Use confirming the BOM: Set whether to enable all BOMs to be confirmed before they can be revised.

Set the environment of variant BOM

  1. Creating variant in design project: Set whether to use variant setting in the design project creation stage. If this option is turned on, the Create the variant data from the schematic option is automatically turned off.
  2. Create the variant BOM from the schematic: Set whether to specify the variant using the schematic data. If this option is turned on, user cannot edit parts of the variant BOM in UDE but can edit parts in the schematic.
  3. Create the variant data from the schematic: Set whether to use the variant information from the schematic design. If this option is turned on, the Creating variant in design project option is automatically turned off.
  4. Use the template of variant specification: Set whether to use a template for specifying the variant.
  5. The criteria of distinguishing the variant BOM file: Variable key values can be specified by number or name according to company standards.
  6. If you are managing derivatives on a Corporate system, such as ERP, it is recommended that you refer to them.
  7. Remove the part change condition of the variant: If this option is activated and the number of pins or footprints of a specific reference part of the variant are different, a warning remark is displayed on the master BOM