Part List Item

Set whether to include part list and netlist items from the BOM in the schematic or PCB.

  1. Select the type to set: Select the type to manage items.
    When Part is selected, the administrator can set the part list items to be included or not. When Net is selected, the administrator can set the netlist items to be included or not.
  2. Add: Add a new item.
    The added item is placed at the last line.
    Note: To add a new item, the item code should be registered with UDE.
  3. Delete: Delete the selected item.
  4. List Table: Show and edit the item list.
    1. Part List Item Code: Specify the part list item code.
    2. Part List Item Name: Show the Part List Item Name of the language code.
    3. Part List Display Standard: Set whether to display on the Part List (BOM) screen.
    4. Using in schematic: Set whether to use in the schematic part list or netlist.
    5. Use on PCB: Set whether to use in the PCB part list or netlist.
    6. Use on CPN sorting: If you check whether to use by item, the item set when sorting by Sorting by CPN becomes the sorting criterion, and only the item checked for use is displayed on the grid.
      Initially, every item is set to 'Yes'.

      For example, In the case of the Alternative part, MPN, Quantity is set to 'No', and the view mode of the BOM is set to Sorting by CPN.

      Alternative part, MPN, and Quantity set to 'No' are not displayed in the Grid, and the item is excluded from the sorting criteria.

    7. Content Order: Set the display order of the contents.