CAD Specific BOM

Define mapping information for generating part and BOM information of UDE using part list and netlist of ECAD library.

  1. CAD Tree: Select ECAD tools.
  2. Property types: Select property type to be used.
  3. Mapping table: Set the mapping table for each property.
    1. UDE BOM Column: Column name of UDE BOM.
    2. ECAD Tool Column: Column name of the part list from ECAD.
    3. Check Status of Error Existence: Set whether to check errors when generating part information from ECAD part list.
    4. Selection of UPMS Comparison: Set whether to compare the value of the property between BOM and UPMS database when BOM is checked in.
    5. List Display: Set whether to display the item in the part list.
    6. List Variant: Set whether to display the property.