Define Settings

Define Environment Settings

Prior to using Redmark+, you must setup the environment.

From the menu bar, click Collaboration > Redmark+ > Environment.
The Redmark+ Environment dialog opens and contains the following sections:
  • Project Root Folder Path: Select the top-level folder for saving or loading Redmark+ file (*.prmkp). Redmark+ file(s) will be managed inside of the selected folder.
  • Draw-Line Width: Can define the line width of drawing object and can be supported mm unit only.
  • Class1/Class2: There are Class 1 and Class2 in UI of Redmark+, they are activated after selecting option in the Redmark+ Environment Setting dialog.
  • Permission: Can define the permission to write or edit on ‘Class1’ and ‘Class2’, the permission consists of 3 parts as Part1, Part2 and Part3.
  • Class: Can define the class type. It is enabled to write or edit Redmark comment depend on each Part and Class.
    • Part1: Can write or edit in Class1 section only.
    • Part2 and Part3: Can write or edit in Class2 section only.
  • Confirmation Level: Can define the checker of Class1.
    • Add, Delete: Can add or delete new part and class.

Default setting of Part1 is None and Part2 is 1st and Part3 is 2nd. If you belong to Class1, you have a permission as Part1, however, Confirmation Level is None.

If you have a permission as Part 2 or Part 3, you can confirm Complete by using checkbox as Yes or No.