Plot Viewer

After selecting Plot Viewer, the following menu appears at the top of the screen:
Figure 1. Plot Viewer

This tool enables the user to visualize graphic series saved from previous calculations.

The user needs to click on Import Serie to load a previous graphic, as seen in the next figure.
Figure 2. Import Serie

The file to be imported must be saved with .txt extension and the following format is required:
  • Each point to be plotted is defined by its X and Y coordinate.
  • Every points to be plotted must be defined in separated lines.
Considerer an example file (file.txt) to plot with the following content:
-5 -0.1
-4 -0.2
-3 -0.05
-2 0.075
-1 1.02
0 1.85
1 2.05
2 0.75
3 0

After importing this file, a new serie is added in the List of Series and its curve is plotted. Having a plot within the List of Series, a new serie may be added by applying any mathematical operation to the original one with the Functions section.

The figure below shows two plots: the first one (plot1) is obtained after importing the example file, and the second one (squared) has been generated by squaring plot1 with the Math.pow function available within the Java language.
Figure 3. Plot Viewer example

It is also possible to export the modified graph by clicking on Export serie, showing an analogous window.

In visualization it is possible to see the points of the graphic with View Points and change the color of the selected graph with the button Change Color.

Under this menu it is possible to see a list of series that have been imported and can be removed with the Remove button after being selected.

In other part of the window two display modes can be chosen for the representation of the imported series: Linear and Polar.