This section explains how to create a LPDA antenna.

When the option is selected, the next panel and a previsualization of the antenna with the parameters on the panel are displayed.

Figure 1. LPDA panel

  • Position: set the Cartesian coordinates for the position of the antenna. For the antenna, the user can select the position with the mouse, selecting the 'Pick' check box and clicking any point in the geometry panel.
  • Fixed Parameters: set the sigma parameter (Sigma) and the tau parameter (Tau).
  • Optional Parameters: set the number of dipoles (Number of Dipoles), the length of them (Length), the length of the first dipole (First Length) or length of the last dipole (Last Length).

For each modification on parameters panel, this previsualization will be updated for the new parameters.

Figure 2. LPDA previsualization

Clicking on 'Add' button, the final visualization for the antenna with a red dashed line for the coaxial feed is shown.

Figure 3. LPDA visualization