Plane Wave

One possible kind of excitation source is the plane wave. If enabled, a plane wave with the parameters described by the user will be simulated. When a plane wave is being defined, a panel similar to the one displayed in the following figure is presented. The user can modify the values for the polarization wave and the incidence angle, represented using spherical coordinates.

Figure 1. Plane wave parameters

A plane wave has the following properties:

  • Polarization Wave this value specifies the polarization for the incident field of the plane wave.
  • Incidence Angle this value specifies the incidence direction for the plane wave.
  • Monostatic this check box enables the Monostatic mode, causing the values set in Incidence Angle to be ignored in order to use the range of angles specified in Observation Directions.
Figure 2. Adding a Coaxial feeding point

To add the Observation Directions, the user must select Obervation Directions in the Output dropdown.

Figure 3. Observation directions parameters