Download Offline Help

Download and install help locally on your workstation from the File menu.

The standard installation of the product does not include offline help, so you will need to download and install it on your computer if you want to access the help locally without an internet connection.

  1. Select File > Help > Download Offline Help.
  2. Choose the download location for the help package. By default, it will be saved and installed in your Documents folder.
  3. Select the offline help language.
    Note: Not all of the languages listed are supported by every product. Also note that translations are generally not available until some time after the initial release date, in which case the previous version of the help will be downloaded instead.
  4. Select Always use offline help if you want to use the locally installed version of the help instead of the online version. You can switch between using the online and offline help in the Preferences.
  5. Click Download and Install. The help package will be downloaded and then installed in the location you specified.
Note: You can switch between online and offline help in the Preferences under Workspace > Help.