Use the Cooler tool to define a cooling system that provides heat dissipation and maintains a constant temperature relative to the mold. This helps ensure tension-free cooling of the molded parts.

Location: Molding tab, Tooling secondary ribbon

Add/Edit Cooler

If your imported CAD geometry does not include coolers, you can create and edit virtual coolers in Inspire Mold.

You need to create a mold for your part before you can create coolers.
  1. Click the Tooling icon.

  2. Click Add/Edit Cooling System on the Cooler icon.

  3. Sketch the cooling lines.
    1. Click to create each point of the cooling lines. The points must be positioned on a single surface.
    2. You can resize a line by entering a length.
    Tip: To create a perpendicular line, hold down Shift while clicking.

  4. Right-click to create the cooler.
    The cooler channels are created and moved close to the model.

  5. To edit the cooler, click it and use the microdialog options to define the material, temperature, position, and diameter.

Designate a Cooler

Identify any cooling lines you've already designed in a CAD tool.

  1. Click the Tooling icon.

  2. Click Designate Cooler on the Cooler icon.

  3. Select the predesigned cooling system.