Molding Window

Use the Molding Window to calculate the optimal Mold Temperature, Melt Temperature, and Fill Time for the model.

Location: Molding ribbon

The Molding Window tool analyzes your model and shows optimal temperatures for the mold and material as well as optimal fill time for the molding process. You can adjust one parameter at a time to see how different settings in that parameter affect the optimal settings for the other parameters.

Configure Molding Window

Use the Configure Molding Window tool to customize the minimum and maximum values for mold temperature, melt temperature, and fill time for your model.

You must first designate a part cavity and create at least one injection point.
  1. Click the Configure Molding Window satellite icon.

    The Configure Molding Window dialog appears.

  2. Use the fields to adjust the range of settings available in the molding window.
    Note: Changes to these fields change the range of settings available in the molding window only; they do not change the settings for an analysis.
  3. Click Run to run a new molding window analysis with the new range of settings in the molding window.