Import/Export Materials

Import or Export materials from the Materials dialog.

If you want to import or export a material from the from the Altair Material Data Center, first download the material to your local system.
  1. Use the Designate Part Cavity or the Auto Configure Components tool to identify the part cavity.

  2. Select the View Materials icon in the microdialog.
  3. Click the Import or Export option on the Materials dialog.
    For this Option Do this Note
    1. Select the Import button.
    2. Navigate to the new material .xml file and select Open.
    3. Name and save the file.
    The new material is saved to the Materials user database and can be assigned to a model from the My Materials tab.
    1. Select any material from the Materials dialog.
    2. Select Export.
    3. Navigate to the directory where you want to export the material .xml file on your local system.
    4. Name and save the material.
    The material file is exported from the Materials database to the specified location and is accessible for sharing.