Gate Optimization

Use the Gate Optimization tool to automatically create and position gates to minimize potential defects in the finished part.


In Quick mode, find this tool in the Gating secondary ribbon.

In Advanced mode, find this tool in the Runner System secondary ribbon.

Optimize Gates

Inspire Mold can help optimize the locations of gates in your model.

You must first define a part cavity.
  1. In the Quick ribbon, click the Gating icon.

    OR In the Advanced ribbon, click the Runner System icon.

  2. In the sub-ribbon, click the Gate Optimization icon.

    The Gate Optimization dialog opens.

  3. Select Use existing gates to keep any gates that are already part of the model. Set the desired number of gates to optimize in the Total gates menu. If desired, select ungatable directions and/or ungatable surfaces. Click Run.
    • If Use existing gates is not checked, Inspire Mold will remove all gates. The Gate Optimization tool will create new optimized gates.
    • If you create more than one gate, you will not be able to use the Create Runner tool to build a runner system.
    The Calculating Gate Optimization window appears. This operation may take several seconds, depending on the complexity of the model.

    Finally, the optimized gates appear on the model:

    Note: You can manually change the size, shape, and position of optimized gates.