Tutorial: Run Using Existing Mesh with Drape

Submit a run starting with an existing mesh with Midsurface mesh.

  • The mesh file units should be in meters.
  • The part names should match the names of the geometry parts in Inspire RTM with 3D suffixed. For example, if the geometry part is spoiler, then the mesh part is spoiler3D.
  • The MidSurface mesh has to be in MidSurface2D component.
  • The mesh file should contain only the meshed components.

Open the Tutorial Model

Data files are available in the tutorial_models folder in the installation directory in Program Files\Altair\2024\InspireExtrude2024\tutorial_models\rtm\tutorial-3\.

Open the spoiler-drape.irtm tutorial model file.

The model has four parts: spoiler, support1, support2, and MidSurface.

The Inlet and Vent BCs are already applied.

Submit the Job for Simulation

  1. Click the Analysis icon.

  2. Specify the parameters of the analysis process.
    Select the Existing option under Mesh Size, and browse to spoiler_mesh_drape.bdf in this tutorial folder.

  3. Click Run.