Setting up Load Faces

Use the Load Faces tool to add or remove load faces from the existing set of load surfaces.

All tool components should be visible/displayed.

  1. Click the Tool Deflection tab.
  2. Click the Load Faces tool.

  3. Inspire Extrude will automatically detect all of the load faces where the material is in contact with the die assembly.
    Automatically detected load faces are shown in red.

  4. Press Ctrl and click surfaces on the model to add or remove load faces by toggling between selected and unselected.
    Press Ctrl and drag to draw a box and unselect a group of load faces even if they are hidden behind other layers.

    To unselect a single load face behind another surface, select that front surface and press H to hide it first.

    Note: Pressing H toggles the last selected surface between hidden and shown. Pressing S will show all of the hidden surfaces.
  5. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.
Load faces are added to the Model Browser and can be reviewed and edited there.