What is Inspire Extrude Polymer?

Inspire Extrude Polymer offers an analysis tool for virtual testing, validation, correction and optimization of extrusion die designs.

Today's extrusion companies are required to coextrude profiles made of multiple polymers with metal inserts in shorter product development cycles while simultaneously reducing their production costs. Inspire Extrude Polymer is a simulation tool developed to analyze and validate the design of these coextrusion dies and process.

Inspire Extrude enables production engineers to analyse material flow and heat transfer inside a die during extrusion to validate die designs which in turn helps to reduce or eliminate costly and time-consuming die trials.

Inspire Extrude is easy to use CAD based interface. You won't be required to complete steps such as meshing or boundary condition creation manually. All these operations are completely done in the background with no user intervention.


Minimize die design time and cost
Robust, reliable and efficient computer simulation provides insight into the material flow, behavior at the material interface, and shape of the extruded profile. This understanding helps to improve the die design and make it optimal.
Effect of die deflection
Accurately predict tool deflection and stresses due to extrusion loads understand effects such as, clam shelling and its role on extruded profile shape.
Visualize material flow
Understand extrusion material flow, temperatures, pressures and forces.
Reduce costs
Through virtual validation, reduce die trials to save valuable time and money.
Increase productivity
Through all these above benefits, increase overall productivity.