How do I use Temperature Dependent Stress Strain Data for Tool Deflection Analysis?

  • Inspire Extrude was enhanced to perform temperature-dependent tool deflection analysis. This analysis requires temperature-dependent stress/strain data and will use the built-in data for this purpose.
  • There is no GUI to specify the required stress-strain material data, but the user can provide their own data.
  • Inspire Extrude exports the data as a text file in the run folder, and if the user provides a similar text file in the run folder, the interface will automatically use the user's data instead of its built-in data.

Steps to setup model with default stress strain curve in Inspire Extrude database:

  1. Setup tool deflection model as per Tutorial #5 on Tool Deflection Analysis.
  2. When running analysis select "Elasto-Plastic" option.

  3. Inspire Extrude will run the simulation using default stress strain curve.
  4. Default tool material data which is used in analysis is saved in working folder with name "tool_mat_data_auto.txt". This file can be modified and used for next simulation.

Steps to setup model with user defined stress-strain curve:

  1. Keep model ready for simulation. Follow steps below before running simulation.
  2. Get "tool_mat_data_auto.txt" file as eplained in the previous section.
  3. Save this file to folder in which you have *.c2em file and rename it to "tool_mat_data_user.txt"
  4. Modify data in "tool_mat_data_user.txt" as per your tool material
  5. Go back to Inspire Extrude and run the simulation.

What temperature are the die plates initialized with for this analysis?

All die plates are initialized with a temperature of 477 °C or 890 °F.