OS-E: 2005 Oil Pan using ERP Response

Use equivalent radiated power (ERP) response to conduct a shape optimization of an oil pan cover by applying a specific excitation in frequency response analysis using OptiStruct.

Figure 1. FE Model

Model Files

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Model Description

The objective is to reduce radiated noise from a structure by changing the shape, which is the design variable. Initially, you identify the location on the structure which contributes most, and to identify those frequencies where the radiation becomes maximum (with the nominal run). Here, the Frequency Response Analysis (with the frequency range from 1000Hz to 2200Hz) subcase is used to compute the equivalent radiated power (ERP) of this part.
FE Model
Element Types
The linear material properties are:
Young’s Modulus
2.1E5 MPa
Poisson's Ratio


Based upon these findings, a shape optimization of the oil cover has been performed to reduce the contribution and thus, reduce the peak at 1200Hz shown in Figure 2.
Figure 2. Shape Contour, ERP Output . before and after optimization, and objective