OS-V: 0110 One Dimensional Transient Heat Transfer

Test No. T3 OptiStruct examines the material temperature at point C, 0.08 m from point A. The total simulation time is 32 seconds for transient heat transfer analysis.

Figure 1. FE Model with Boundary Conditions and Loadcases

Model Files

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Benchmark Model

The 2-noded beam elements, Quad4 elements and Quad8 elements are used to build the model with 5 elements each for the coarse mesh and 10 elements each for the fine mesh. At time t = 0, all temperature = zero and at time t > 0, at one end temperature is zero and at the other end temperature is 100 sin(πt/40) °C. There is no heat flux perpendicular to the length of the beam.

The material properties are:
Material Properties
35.0 W/m°C
Specific Heat
440.5 J/kg°C
7200 kg/m3

Linear Static Analysis Results

All results are normalized with the target value (36.60 °C).
  Material temperature at point C, x = 0.08m, time t = 32sec (°C) Normalized with the Target Value
Beam Elements:    
CBEAM coarse 33.6 1.089285714
CBEAM fine 34.58 1.058415269
Quadrilateral Element:    
Quad4 coarse 33.6 1.089285714
Quad8 coarse 35.1 1.042735043
Quad4 fine 34.58 1.058415269
Quad8 fine 35.19 1.040068201


NAFEMS R0015 - Selected benchmarks for natural frequency analysis