Derived Subcases

Derived subcases of basic, linearly superimposed, or envelope can be written into an H3D file during translation in batch mode. The configuration file contains statements that denote what type of a derived subcase is defined. This is useful information which allows you to generate similar results for multiple iterations with a single configuration file.

The statements that define a derived subcase can be added to an existing (base) configuration file or included in a separate configuration file as a standalone version. In the case of a separate configuration file for the derived subcases, the syntax for using multiple configuration files (with a –c flag) needs to be executed at the command prompt.

It is necessary to include the subcases and simulation steps that are referred in the derived subcase definitions to be included in the base configuration. A warning message is output during translation if any of the subcases or simulation steps are missing, and the resulting H3D will not contain the missing steps in the derived loadcase definition.
Note: The derived subcase translation is applicable for batch mode only. If a configuration file containing derived subcases (basic, superposition, or envelope) is opened in the HvTrans GUI, a warning message stating that these derived subcases will be ignored in translation is displayed.


hvtrans -a d3plot d3plot –c

<config1> <configDerived> -o


HvTrans extracts the model and result information from the d3plot file and saves the information to the example_all_results.h3d file, according to settings in the configuration file <config1>. Any derived subcase definitions from configuration file <configDerived> are also added to the .h3d file.