Mount Limits Property File

The Mount Limits property file stores the impact parameters for mount limits. This property file is known as a General Bushing Installation file, or .gbi file.

This is the file you use to provide mount limits information to the Altair Bushing Model. Alternatively, you can specify the impact parameters in REFERENCE_ARRAYs in the solver input deck.
The .gbi file uses the TeimOrbit format organized into the following blocks:
Block Type Description
HEADER This is a mandatory block that provides the file type, version, and format information for use by file readers. The file type and extension for General Bushing Installation properties is .gbi.
UNITS This is a mandatory block that provides the unit system for the parameter values used in the property file. This block enables file readers to convert the parameter values in the property file to those used in the simulation.
MOUNT_LIMITS This block contains a parameters sub-block with twelve (12) arrays of data for the positive and negative mount parameters for each of the six (6) directions: FX, FY, FZ, TX, TY and TZ.
Note: The Header and Units block are identical in the .gbi file and .gbs file.

The following topics provide more details about blocks: