History and Queue Manager

Compute Console maintains a history of runs executed from the main form. Three different lists are maintained:
  1. Run History (Compute Console > View > History):
    Figure 1. Run History window

  2. Favorites (Compute Console > View > Favorites)
    Figure 2. Favorites window

  3. Jobs Submitted during the current session (queue)
    Figure 3. Jobs Submitted to Queue window

    Lines showing queue in the Status column represent jobs submitted but waiting for previous runs to finish.

    All three forms have a similar set of control buttons:
    Copy Options / Copy File and Options
    Transfers the data for the selected run to the main form, allowing you to repeat the run either after editing the input file or choosing a different file in which to use the same run options.
    Add to Favorites
    Transfers the data to the Favorites form.
    Remove the selected line from history or favorites, respectively. On the Queue form, you can remove a job from the queue before it starts.